How to disperse a mob and other endowment lessons

Submitted by Rita Elliott (

Police Commissioner: “If you were ordered to disperse a mob, what would you do?”

Applicant: Pass around the hat, sir.”

Police Commissioner: “That’ll do; you’re hired.”

The mob has dispersed and The Society for Georgia Archaeology Endowment Fund is in need of contributors. A substantial beginning has been made and the new total is $15,235; however, additional contributors are necessary to meet the $100,000 goal. Interest generated from the Endowment will fund important, exciting public archaeology education, outreach, and research. Such projects will begin as soon as the principal reaches a level that will generate enough interest to be applied. This cannot be done with the current interest rates and amount of principal in the fund. Won’t you participate in this far-reaching endeavor by sending your tax-deductible contribution to: SGA Treasurer, P.O. Box 693, Athens, GA 30603 or email Checks may be made to SGA, with “endowment” written on note line. Ms. Terry Hynes recently used the SGA Endowment Fund as a wonderful way to memorialize the late Dr. Alfred Messer. Thanks to her contribution, Dr. Messer’s life and work will live on in the many future projects funded by the SGA Endowment Fund. Thank you, Terry! And thanks to all past contributors who have helped start the Endowment fund.