Fernbank managing St. Catherines Island archaeological collection

Much of the routine archaeological activity at Fernbank concerns management of the St. Catherines Island archaeological collection. Great strides have been made to bring housing of the collection up to contemporary standards, and planning is underway for a new exhibit that will feature the many stories represented by this remarkable set of artifacts. Information about the collection is available on-line here.

Since June considerable activity has also surrounded Fernbank’s new research project and educational program aimed at discovering evidence of the seventeenth-century Spanish mission known as Santa Isabel de Utinahica. The projected mission site is in the area of “The Forks,” the territory near the junction of the Oconee and Ocmulgee rivers, and in June—with support from the Department of Natural Resources—two candidate sites were tested. Both have produced small quantities of Spanish colonial artifacts along with significant amounts of contact-era Lamar ceramics. A promising artifact concentration will undergo further exploration in November. Fernbank invites registration for the June 2007 public archaeology program in this area.

Also on the subject of archaeology, Fernbank is featuring an exhibit about Imperial Rome through January 3, 2007. Over 400 artifacts from across the Roman Empire are on display and special activities are available for children in the exhibit area.