Archaeology bus rolling right along

The Archaeology Bus Committee has several exciting items to report to the membership.

First, John (JC) Burns of jcbD, has generously provided pro-bono work to create the graphic and text design that will go around the vehicle. This will allow the vehicle to be “reborn” from the bookmobile that it was to the new and exciting archaeology vehicle that it will become. Thank you John for this exciting transformation than not only brands the vehicle, but allows it to serve as a traveling billboard for the society and its archaeology preservation and education message!

But how do you get this outstanding design from John’s computer to the vehicle? That’s where the kind hand of Georgia Transmission Corporation picks up the story. The corporation has given $5,000 to pay for the “wrap” of the vehicle. This action is extremely significant, since the wrap will speak volumes in advertising the vehicle, yet would have taken a huge chunk of SGA’s very limited bus budget. Now, thanks to the magnanimity of Georgia Transmission Corporation, we can use our small budget to purchase crucial educational equipment and material. Thank you for your much appreciated financial support! The corporation first learned of our needs for this project through the diligence of committee member Tom Gresham. His approach and discussions with several individuals at Georgia Transmission Corporation paid remarkable dividends for the project. Thank you, Tom, for your continued hard work and diligence on this project! The Archaeology Bus Committee invites the SGA membership to stay tuned to future issues of The Profile for the unveiling of the bus exterior re-design.