BHAS conducts diverse activities

In December we held our meeting with festive flare by combining two events. Members provided a pot luck dinner, with a cool presentation by Jack Wynn on the “Archaeology of Upland Peru.” We had the Andes as a snowy backdrop in many of the slides Jack took of the sites and the archaeologists he met.

The new year started out with a another dual presentation by Dan Page and Brian Babcock. They often work as a team looking for rock shelters, fish weirs, lithic quarries, and other unregistered sites. They photograph, measure, and record these features and pass them on to the state site files at UGA. Their mountain and river accomplishments were one of their presentations. The other was an extensive study of interesting Georgia cemetery finds and the cultural changes they reflect.

During the second week of January Dr. Adam King returned to the Etowah Indian Mound Park to do his fourth week of underground imaging. Fred Scheidler was asked to find willing volunteer workers from the SGA chapters for measuring and placing grid flags, magnetic detection for metal markers, and moving the guide lines during data collection. We had fifteen volunteers from BHAS, GAAS, GMAS, and NWGAS. All work was completed accurately and ahead of schedule.

In January and February, Chip Morgan continued spreading knowledge about archaeology with community education classes in Roswell. Chip teaches a six-week program called Georgia Archaeology 101. It is held on Tuesday nights at the Bulloch Hall cottage and at the Roswell Community Senior Center. For more information call Bulloch Hall at (770) 992-1713.

In our February meeting Fred Scheidler told of his efforts to identify an artifact first shown to him by a co-worker sixteen years ago. The photos and the paper trail of his pre-internet research were explained. It is a Spanish Signal Cannon believed to be about five hundred years old.

The BHAS chapter has been invited to share archaeology with the people of Roswell on March 15 and 16 at a table provided in the Showcase of Homes, which this year has a historic theme.

Our Archaeology Month event is a presentation by Dr. Despina Margomenou on May 17, at 11:00 AM. Her subject is current research in prehistoric northern Greece. She has directed projects on the recovery of residue in the ancient storage containers of that area, as well as work with pottery from the Palace of Knossos on Crete. Her presentation will be at the Bulloch Hall cottage. For information call (770) 992-1713 or (770) 428-4686.