SHA Annual Meeting in Albuquerque

Submitted by Jim D’Angelo (


Pictured left to right: Joe Joseph, Rochelle Banks (TRC-Houston), SHA Conference Chair Howard Higgins (TRC-Albuquerque), Mary Beth Reed, Jim D’Angelo, and Barbara Garrow.

The Society for Historical Archaeology and Council on Underwater Archaeology held their annual meetings jointly in Albuquerque, New Mexico this past January, co-sponsored by TRC. Papers examined the interface between archaeology and the public. Among the Georgia folks attending were State Archaeologist David Crass, and, representing their respective firms, Joe Joseph, Mary Beth Reed, and Hugh Matternes (all of New South Associates) and Jim D’Angelo (TRC). TRC and New South each had booths in the main venders room.

In the booth next to TRC was the Mactec booth tended by Pat and Barbara Garrow. As these meetings usually are, it was like old home week with the Godfather presiding: TRC was formerly TRC Garrow and Joe and Mary Beth have worked for Pat in the past. So had top winners of TRC’s business card drawing, Dr. Sheli O. Smith, currently a nautical archaeologist with PAST Foundation, and Mary Beth! No, the drawing was not fixed.