BHAS members active

The Bulloch Hall Archaeological Society (BHAS) chapter was invited by the Roswell Historical Society (RHS) to share archaeology with the people of Roswell. On March 15 and 16, a table was provided in the Showcase of Homes. This year their theme was history, and we had two long tables with photos, Early Georgia, and The Profile displayed to encourage interest.

Both on March 22 and 29, our returning archaeologist, Connie Huddleston conducted digs at the kitchen location of the Hembree farmhouse in Roswell. BHAS and the RHS members participated both days. The house was moved for road improvements. RHS will restore it as an educational center for the period of the mid 1800s. Connie donated a considerable number of publications to BHAS for member research, or for us to set up a lending service.

On April 6, members of BHAS and GAAS met at the Long Swamp Creek site (9CK1) by invitation of GDOT and Edwards-Pitman Inc., for site tours and a partial volunteer day.

On April 17, BHAS was given a presentation by Eric Garris of GARS on work at the Fort Daniel site, and two days later BHAS members were at Jim Langford’s Thompson site spring dig day.

Fred Scheidler prepared the BHAS and GAAS displays for the SGA meeting held April 26 at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

Our Archaeology Month event was a presentation by Dr. Despina Margomenou on May 17 at the Bulloch Hall cottage. She presented slides on her current research in prehistoric Northern Greece to our small but enthusiastic group. We were treated to views of chambers and rooms below ground not open to the public.

Several BHAS members attended the “Fort Hollingsworth Day” event May 24. It was nice to follow up on the work started with GMAS to preserve their lithic and ceramic artifacts. They proudly displayed the work we did last year.

From June 2 through 6, Dr. Adam King, Dr. Kent Reilly, Chet Walker, Robert Sharp and about 12 others of their crew returned to the Etowah Indian Mound Park for another week of underground imaging. The work this time was to complete the data gathering near the edges of the work done in January. BHAS had a chapter volunteer there Tuesday through Friday to assist as needed, and get more volunteers out if needed. The group, “Friends of Etowah,” provided a great BBQ for 24 of the involved people, with the rangers providing chef skills. Saturday June 7 was “Discovery Day at the Etowah Mounds.” This event was a combination of the Northwest Georgia Archaeological Society monthly meeting with members from GAAS and BHAS attending, park activities, and concluding presentations by King and Reilly to a large crowd (130+) of interested people. Carl Etheridge is building a full-size post and thatch, wattle and daub house next to the visitor center and museum. It will be used to show the early home styles and for other educational functions.

We welcome back Connie Huddleston, and five new members Bonnie Lennon, Cheryl and Al Johnson, and Jennifer and Troy Anderson. Regular meetings will resume in September.