2008 Fall Meeting


SGA members met for the Fall 2008 Meeting in Rome, in northwest Georgia on 18 October. During the morning and the first part of the afternoon, attendees heard presentations on various topics in a meeting room at the Civic Center downtown. SGA member Dave Davis, a part-time archaeologist at the Chieftains Museum, organized the meeting.

In the afternoon, attendees reconvened at the Chieftains Museum, which is centered at the historic Major Ridge House. Major Ridge (born ca. 1771, died 1839) was a prominent Cherokee leader, who settled at this ferry crossing on the north edge of what is now the city of Rome.

The original part of Major Ridge’s house was a hand-hewn log structure built about 1794, and Ridge bought it sometime prior to 1819. The building was expanded several times and is now the Chieftains Museum.

Long-time SGA member Patrick Garrow lead a walking tour of the Museum grounds. He told us about the twentieth-century swimming pool remains that were uncovered during excavations he lead some years ago.


Pat told us that a well near the house on the property also probably dated twentieth-century.


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