Help wanted (Or, Uncle Dan wants YOU!)

The Georgia Mountains chapter (GMAS) is looking for a few good men and women with a strong archaeological interest in field survey, recording sites, and investigating prehistoric and historic occupations here in northeast Georgia. Enthusiasm for the outdoors, hiking, canoeing, drawing, artifacts, history, and photography are considered assets, but of course are not required.

Come help rebuild the SGA chapter, based at Elachee Nature Science Center near Gainesville. We plan field trips on the Nature Preserve and elsewhere in north Georgia, and show-ntell programs from our own and outside speakers’ experiences. We currently meet the first Saturday each month at the Elachee Center, but may meet elsewhere as a project or program dictates.

We need lots of interested amateurs, with or without experience, and some professionals as co-advisors. Apply at once to chapter president Dan Page (, or current advisor Jack Wynn ( Our next meeting is December 6, beginning at 10 AM. See you there!