Singer-Moye ownership shifted to UGA

Submitted by Mike Bunn (

On Monday, November 17, 2008, the Columbus Museum formally transferred ownership of the Singer-Moye mound site property, located in Stewart County, to the University of Georgia. The ceremony, which was attended by Museum and UGA representatives, local elected officials, members of the Singer and Moye families and a number of interested citizens, was the culmination of nearly three years of careful negotiation. The transfer marks an important milestone in the history of this important site and signals the beginning of a new era of investigation into its past. The site has been owned, maintained and investigated by the Columbus Museum for nearly forty years.

The Singer-Moye site is a large Mississippian-era mound complex that was at one time a major regional population center. One of the best-preserved sites of its type in the Southeast, it features eight earthen mounds surrounding a large open plaza. The largest of these mounds, Mound A, ranks as the fourth tallest such structure in the state. Future plans for the continued use and development of the site as an educational resource by the University are already underway.

Editor’s note: This follows up on a longer article about the site when the ownership change had not yet been finalized.