Rock art lecture and book signing announcement

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The Dawn of Art: Recent Discoveries on Shamanism, Altered States and the Origin of Religion and Art

Free public lecture followed by a book signing at the Savannah College for Art and Design (SCAD) Event Space, Atlanta Campus, on Saturday Night April 25, 2009 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM

For the first and perhaps only time in history, three leading experts in the field of Stone Age rock art, Jean Clottes (France – Cosquer: Cave Paintings from Under the Sea), David Lewis-Williams (South Africa – Decoding the Past: Breakthroughs into the Meaning of Bushman Rock Art), and Dave Whitley (USA – Shamanism and the Origin of Artistic Creativity), will be talking within a single session about their work decoding our earliest art. They have worked at remote locations on rock art, some of which contain examples from the last Ice Age, dating to between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago. Come and learn what these world authorities have to say about some rarely seen examples of early rock art and what these sites can tell us about human consciousness, creativity, and the roots of religion. After their illustrated talks (30-minutes each, followed by questions from the audience), the speakers will be signing the latest rock art books that they have published.

SCAD is located at 1600 Peachtree Street, just north of Spring Street and directly across from the Temple. Free parking is available, or take MARTA rail to the Arts Center Station and transfer to Bus 23.

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