Governor signs 2009 Archaeology Month proclamation


On Thursday, 2 April, Governor Sonny Perdue proclaimed May Archaeology Month for 2009. The proclamation states:

Whereas: Georgia’s archaeological sites are important to our state’s heritage, making the arrival of American Indians more than 10,000 years ago and documenting the exploration, colonization and founding of our nation by Europeans, Africans and Asians; and

Whereas: Georgia’s archaeological sites lie under forests, farms and cities as well as beneath rivers, streams and coastal waters. These sites, which hold clues about our state’s rich and diverse history, are fragile and endangered by forces such as erosion, uncontrolled development and looting or vandalism; and

Whereas: Georgia’s archeological landscape features sites with artificial earthen mounds created by diverse Native American cultures, primarily between 500 B.C. and A.D. 1550. These remarkable monuments are evocative reminders of prehistoric societies that once flourished in every corner of the state; and

Whereas: The study, interpretation and preservation of our archaeological sites offer important educational, cultural and economic benefits to all Georgians; and

Whereas: Georgia’s archaeologists seek to increase our citizens’ awareness of our state’s archaeological history as a means to protect and preserve these irreplaceable links to our past; and

Whereas: Georgia Archaeology Awareness Month offers Georgians an opportunity to explore “Mounds in Our Midst: Monuments of Prehistoric Culture in Georgia”: now


Therefore: I, Sonny Perdue, Governor of the state of Georgia, do hereby proclaim May 2009 as Archaeology Month in Georgia.

Click here to download a PDF of the Proclamation.

To see the original picture of the signing on the Governor’s website, click here.