Your support made the difference!

thank_you_banner_blackboard Georgians for Preservation Action (GAPA) reports that the final state budget the Georgia legislature passed on April 3rd included $100,000 for the archaeology program, and two positions that the Senate had cut were restored.

We thank all who called or wrote legislators supporting the Georgia Archaeology Protection and Education Program. Without our efforts, the funding would have been completely cut.

An additional result of our campaign is that Georgia’s legislators now have a better understanding of the importance of archaeology and historic preservation to Georgians.

For more information on archaeology in the final budget from GAPA and a list of legislators instrumental in helping it pass (you may want to thank them!), click here.

Background stories from the Society archives:

On the Senate budget passed on March 31st, which had $100,000 in the archaeology budget, but cut two positions.

Letter from the Society for American Archaeology supporting reinstatement of funding for the archaeology program.

On the House budget from about March 25th, which gutted the archaeology program.