Attend first ArchaeoBus event—the unveiling!


Here’s another incentive to attend the SGA’s Spring Meeting on Saturday, May 16th: the SGA’s brand new ArchaeoBus will be unveiled!

Attend the “christening” at 4 pm on Saturday! We’ll have door prizes, refreshments, and an interactive kazoo event! The new ArchaeoBus will be unveiled with a dramatic drumroll. We’ll break a bottle of champagne over the ArchaeoBus, too!

After the ceremony, visitors can tour the exhibits inside the ArchaeoBus and participate in hands-on activities under a tent next to the bus.

The ArchaeoBus is the SGA’s new mobile archaeology classroom. This is its first public event as it begins to tour the state, bringing archaeology outreach and education to the all!

Please adjust your schedule and join us in Macon for this super-fun event following the indoor session at the Spring SGA meeting at Wesleyan College, on Saturday, May 16th.

Where to find it