Attend the SGA Spring Meeting!

Make plans NOW to attend the SGA meeting May 16th and 17th in Macon. On Saturday, we’ll enjoy presentations at the Anderson Amphitheater in the Taylor Building on the campus of Wesleyan College. For those who stay over, on Sunday there’ll be a walking tour of the Lamar Mounds site south of Macon.

The theme of Saturday’s meeting is Mounds in Our Midst: Monuments of Prehistoric Culture in Georgia. Georgia’s landscape features numerous archaeological sites with artificial, human-constructed earthen mounds. Created by diverse Native American cultures, mainly between 500 BC-AD 1550, these remarkable monuments are evocative reminders of prehistoric societies that once flourished in every corner of the state. Archaeology Month 2009 is devoted to a celebration of their survival and a meditation over their purpose and meaning. Because knowledge is the foundation for stewardship, Archaeology Month 2009 features new research that is improving our sense of the place these ancient constructions held in the societies that erected them. And important among these efforts are creative solutions for preserving more mound sites from looting and destruction.

The ArchaeoBus christening is another highlight of Saturday’s schedule. It will happen at 4:00 pm, after the presentations. Come see the SGA’s latest big project unveiled!

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