Announcing a summer 2009 field project blog

Submitted by Sammy Smith (


SGA President Dennis Blanton wears a day-job hat, as Curator of Native American Archaeology at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, in Atlanta. This summer he’s working on a field project excavating at an early Spanish site in Telfair County. Most exciting for those of us at a distant remove from this project, is that you can read a blog about activities on the project.

Here’s a sample from Tuesday, 2 June:

What our excavation has exposed is a structure that exceeds my expectations of size. Unlike the typical Native dwelling of the period, measuring maybe four to five meters on a side, the one we have brought to light spans no less than 10 meters on a side. Put in more familiar terms, it probably has a floor area approaching 1000 square feet!

Read Dennis’s blog in full by clicking here!

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