The (electronic) Profile is coming!

Submitted by Jack the Badger (

profilebannerGreetings, Georgia Archaeologists!

THE PROFILE IS COMING! THE PROFILE IS COMING! Well, it’s coming if YOU help bring it along!

What’s coming that’s super-special is that for the first time THE PROFILE will be entirely electronic—no paper mail-outs! Just think of the saving on our SGA budget alone! Editor Larissa Thomas is looking forward to hearing from each of you this time, to be included in the first-ever fully electronic SGA newsletter!

So, please spend a little time for your colleagues, interested archaeologists and others around the state. Give us a short report on what your group is doing in Georgia Archaeology. Whether it’s your Company, your Agency, your Division, your Academic Department, or your SGA Chapter activities, we want to hear all about them!

Dr. Thomas is interested in having articles from everyone, so we will continue to have a well-rounded picture of archaeological research and activities across the state, by everyone involved. We’d like to have articles from high in the mountains, inside and outside I-285, the Georgia Fall Line, from the ’skeeter-bit Big Bend, and down along the coast, wherever archaeology is going on in the state.

Please send your contributions in digital format to Larissa Thomas including both text and illustrations. Illustrations can be photographs, drawings, maps, sketches, cartoons (Yes, Jannie!), charts or anything you think will enhance the understanding of your article. They should be in .jpg format, at least 200 dpi, but 300 dpi is preferable, and separate from the article itself. Please do include captions, so we’ll know what we’re looking at, won’t you? If you have a “whatisit” item (OK in this case, we don’t know what we’re look at), Larissa just might find room for it this month, too!

So please send your contributions to by Monday, June 15th for inclusion in your first all-electronic PROFILE!

See you in THE PROFILE!

Jack the Badger