Atlanta Antiquity for July and August

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GAAS_logo_150Newsletter Editor Louie Campbell of the Greater Atlanta Archaeological Society, a chapter of the SGA, has forwarded digital copies of the July and August issues of Atlanta Antiquity for your perusal.

The GAAS meets monthly, except in the summer months of July and August, so these newsletters provide a way for members to stay in touch.

In the July issue, Allen Vegotsky describes a recent visit to the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter in Pennsylvania. Here’s the website of this important archaeological site. According to the website:

The most common cultural features encountered by archaeologists at Meadowcroft Rockshelter are fire pits and large burned areas of fire floors, refuse and storage pits, concentrations of stone artifacts, ceramics and bone that suggest the presence of specialized work areas, and roasting pits.

The August issue describes a Spanish mission dating to the 1750s discovered in Florida by the Pensacola Colonial Frontiers Survey Field School, led by archaeologist John Worth.

Here’s the July issue.

Here’s the August issue.