Construction crew at UGA unearths artifacts

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Photograph by David Manning, and from website.

Lee Shearer’s August 18th, 2009, story published by, notes that a construction project on the University of Georgia campus in Athens has revealed archaeological artifacts. The article begins:

A renovation project on one of the University of Georgia’s oldest buildings has turned into an archaeological treasure hunt, and after weeks of digging, the treasure pile just keeps growing.

The construction project is at New College, a building on north campus.

The excavators also have found a brick floor no one knew existed buried 7 feet below New College’s present ground level, and the remains of what may be a garden wall outside of the building facing Herty Field.

Another building may have stood on the site even before the original New College was built in 1819, said Janine Duncan, campus planning coordinator for UGA’s Physical Plant.

Shearer notes:

But even though the workers with Garbutt Construction Co. of Dublin aren’t digging the artifacts out as slowly and painstakingly as archaeologists would, they’re being as careful as they can while still meeting their construction schedule, [Campus Architect Danny] Sniff said.


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