Lecture on De Soto at Fernbank, November 1st


The Fernbank Museum of Natural History in Atlanta announces a lecture by SGA President and Fernbank Curator of Native American Archaeology Dennis Blanton, to be held on Sunday, November 1st, at 4 pm. The lecture is titled “De Soto’s Footsteps: New Archaeological Evidence in Georgia.”

The Fernbank press release says:

Hear first hand from Fernbank archaeologist Dennis Blanton as he discusses newly discovered Spanish artifacts and their significant contribution to our understanding of early Georgia History.

Fernbank archaeological expeditions have recovered elusive evidence of Europe’s expansion into the New World nearly 500 years ago. Rare artifacts of Spanish origin are turning up at an excavation in southeast Georgia where no one expected to see them. An unusually large number of metal objects and jewel-like glass beads, characteristic of the period 1500-1550, have been found in and around a surprisingly large Native American building. The findings are indicative of a place where initial, face-to-face contact occurred between exploring Spanish and native Indian people. The most plausible source of the Spanish artifacts is none other than the infamous conquistador, Hernando de Soto, who led a small army through the area of Georgia in 1540.

Access a PDF of the lecture announcement by clicking here.

You must pay the Museum admission fee to attend, unless you are a Museum member. Read more about the event at the Fernbank website by clicking here.

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