Field trip to the Roswell Mills scheduled for November 15th

The Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society has scheduled a field trip to the Roswell Mills site for Sunday, November 15. Archaeologist Jim D’Angelo, who conducted limited excavations at the site in 2008, will lead the walking tour, which will follow existing trails, including the recently constructed trail through the ruins of second 1853 mill. The tour will begin at 1 pm departing from the Old Mill parking lot at the end of Mill Street. Click here, here, and here for general information on Roswell and the mills, as well as directions.

Though this field trip is limited to historic sites along the Vickery Creek trail, there is a lot more to see in Roswell including Barrington Hall, the Visitor’s Center at the head of Sloan Street and other sites. The tour will only be a couple of hours so you may want to take in some of these other points. The Visitor’s Center will have information on these. In fact, if you can get to Roswell a half hour before the tour, it would be worthwhile to stop in the Visitor’s Center as they have a scale model of the mills along the creek and other information on the mills.