Stay tuned: Spring meeting plans underway

sga_banner_logoJust a brief head’s-up that plans for the Spring Meeting (that is, Spring 2010) are moving forward. We plan to meet in Albany, and we’re looking at Saturdays in mid-May.

Of course, our Spring Meeting will be part of Archaeology Month, and the SGA always has a theme for Archaeology Month, including our poster and our meeting. The theme for the SGA’s 2010 Archaeology Month is primitive technology. Right now the working title is: Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques.

Rather than organizing lecture presentations, we plan to invite modern-day craftsmen who practice olden-day techniques, and to pair each with an archaeologist who will discuss how the technology depicted relates to the field of archaeology. We hope our modern craftsmen will include flintknappers, potters, basket makers, and weavers, who can bring the ways of the past to life.

Stay tuned to this website for details, so you can mark your calendar!

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