Plan an Archaeology Awareness event for 2010


The SGA invites you to host an Archaeology Awareness event in May 2010!

Georgia’s seventeenth annual Archaeology Awareness promotion will be held in May 2010. The Society for Georgia Archaeology coordinates this statewide event that encourages the public to learn about the archaeological resources present in our state and creates public awareness about the importance of protecting Georgia’s archaeological heritage.
Highlights of the month will be special tours, hands-on events, exhibits, lectures, and family fun. The theme for this year’s Archaeology Month is “Making the Past Come to Life! Exploring Ancient Techniques” and will focus on living history, experimental archaeology, and primitive technology.
Please join in and help celebrate Georgia Archaeology Month 2010 by hosting an activity. Your event will be included in the Calendar of Events brochure, which will be distributed to public schools, regional libraries, and state and federal historic sites and parks as well as posted on this website. Help us publicize Georgia archaeology by sponsoring an event. Click here for the list below and more suggestions in a document!

Please respond using this event form to ensure that your activity and all its details are included in the Calendar of Events brochure, which is distributed statewide to publicize events. This year’s brochure will be an electronic format, which will be distributed in late March, including via this website. Please submit your event information by March 5th, 2010 to ensure that your activity is included in the mailing.
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact Pamela Baughman at 404-631-1198 or via email at work or home.

Thank you for your participation!

  • FEATURE AN HISTORIC SITE OR PARK: promote local resources by hosting, conducting or facilitating an activity or event at one, featuring its resources.
  • PROMOTE PRESERVATION PROGRAMS: Georgia and National Register of Historic Places, Preservation Planners, Certified Local Government, Preservation Commissions, archaeological or historical societies with guest speakers, local tours, special exhibits, or video/slide shows.
  • INVITE AN ARCHAEOLOGIST to give a talk about archaeology in general, Georgia archaeology, or local archaeological research, using a local public meeting facility such as a library, courthouse, city hall or school auditorium (see list of archaeologists).
  • HIGHLIGHT A TOPIC: schedule a video about archaeology focusing on a familiar or critical topic such as a local site, an archaeology project, or “hot” issue, for example, looting or vandalism.
  • ARRANGE A TOUR: schedule a tour of a local archaeological site at a nearby park or historic site (contact a local travel agent, visitors bureau or regional tourism representative for ideas).
  • SET UP A “SHOWCASE” in a local facility such as a museum, library, school, courthouse or visitor’s center.
    • Feature books, maps, artifacts, photographs, videos, slides and historic documents to highlight local archaeological sites and research in learning about Indians, pioneers and settlers of the area in a high profile public space;
    • Display local collections of artifacts found by residents of your community;
    • Highlight local or regional historic sites, parks or other places interpreting archaeological sites with brochures, photos, maps, talks and tours;
    • Host publicized series of scheduled speakers, video/slide shows, exhibits, displays, etc.;
    • Use local travelers by scheduling them for talks about their trips to archaeological sites, highlighting exhibits with their photos or artifacts;
  • PRESENT A LECTURE SERIES: for a period (weekly or monthly) schedule a series of lectures by archaeologists or others interested in archaeology of the area, for example, an historian, geologist, preservation planner, traveler or collector.
  • SPOTLIGHT LOCAL TRAVELERS: schedule a series of presentations (slides, videos, postcards or talks) by neighbors, friends or travel agents who have visited archaeological sites near and far, featuring archaeology in an interesting and informative way.
  • FEATURE PRIMITIVE SKILLS (artifact manufacture and use): flint knapping, pottery making, blacksmithing, basket making, woodcarving, hide tanning, and/or blowgun shooting.
  • SHOW ARCHAEOLOGY VIA HOLLYWOOD: have a movie festival featuring old films with archaeology themes or subjects (see list under “Movies”).