April GARS meeting topic: a Spanish Paleolithic cave

Submitted by Jim D'Angelo (4drdee@bellsouth.net)

Dr. Jim D’Angelo will give a presentation on examples of Cro-Magnon and later cave art, at the monthly meeting of the Gwinnett Archaeological Research Society, a chapter of the SGA, at its meeting on Thursday April 8, 2010. The meeting starts are about 7 PM with the program beginning at 7:30 PM. GARS meets in the Gwinnett County Administration of Justice Center, 75 Langley Drive, in Lawrenceville.

Jim recently returned from a visit to Spain and was fortunate enough to visit one of the few Paleolithic caves, Cuevo de la Pileto, still open to the public. La Pileto is known for Cro-Magnon and Homo sapiens sapiens (that’s us) cave drawings and markings dating back more 20,000–30,00 years and including the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, as well as the Roman period. The cave, privately owned, is not “developed” and tours, by carbide lantern, are strictly limited.

Wayne Waldrip and Shannon Coffey will also present a review of the joint GAAS/GARS field trip to Standing Peachtree in March, and Shannon and Jim will talk about plans for the Frontier Faire and Archaeology Month in May. Jim will also give an update on exciting developments in the effort to purchase the Fort Daniel tract for development as an historic site and archaeological research park.

GARS and the Fort Daniel Foundation will be working together to combine the 2nd Annual Fort Daniel Frontier Faire with GARS’ Archaeology Month program which will feature public archaeology and a frontier style brick-making demonstration. Cherokee Brick of Macon is helping with the project. Clay mined on the site will be hand molded into bricks and fired in a “Clamp” kiln, and there will also be demonstrations of early blacksmithing and frontier musketry.

For more information visit the GARS website or the Fort Daniel Foundation website.

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