March 2010 SAA Archaeological Record online


The Society for American Archaeology, a national organization with over 7000 members, publishes a newsletter, The SAA Archaeological Record, five times each year. The SAA offers that newsletter for free via the Internet. Select the issue you want to read by clicking here.

For issues from 2010 on, when you click on an issue name, its pages appear on a reader, and the issue can also be downloaded as a PDF. For issues prior to 2010, your click will initiate a download.

The March 2010 issue is now available. Maxine E. McBrinn has an interesting article titled “Is She Invisible? Identifying Gender in Foraging Societies” that emphasizes the difficulty of noting “women’s work” in the archaeological record left behind by hunter-gatherers. Based on ethnographic data, archaeologists in particular look to subsistence information and fiber industries as indications of gender-specific activities undertaken by women.