April 21, 2010


Over the past year or so, I have begun my new life in earnest, although SGA had me for awhile before I achieved my celebrity. The first year after SGA got me, I spent at the spa. There I got my colorful new “wrap”. A fab artist/designer named JCB did a custom design just for me. I am unique! There is no other ArchaeoBus and no one that looks like me!

Here I am in a glamour photo showing the new me! Note the before…

…and after shots.

Aw man, another butt shot!

Just because archaeologists are always bending over to dig (and consequently getting butt shots in their photos) doesn’t mean they have to do that to me, too! (Oh, uh, by the way, does this wrap make my butt look big??)

Meanwhile, at the spa, I got a tonic for my insides. They cleared out all my library shelves and built exciting archaeology exhibits. Here’s a pic of the fabricator, JR, building my exhibits. (They do say beauty comes from within, right?) One of my handlers, Veronica*, did the exhibit designs. She’s a bit of a nut, but I like her pretty well. She always tries to think of hands-on archaeology activities that people can do with me and new things I can show off. Sometimes, though, I think she drives the other handlers crazy (especially Real Dan*) with her schemes!

So, Diary, just to catch you up to speed, after the christening I spent a good bit of time in Athens with my handler TG.* That was nice because it gave me a chance to get use to the new me in my old stomping grounds in Clarke County. And TG not only treats me well, but he keeps me sparkling clean! He also helps get funding so I can go places and visit people.

Then in the fall of last year I got to go to CoastFest all the way in Brunswick, Georgia! Even though ALL 7500 people visiting the festival didn’t come see me, you can tell by this photo that a lot of them did.

I can always tell when they are having fun and learning a lot about archaeology. Once in Brunswick, I met another of my handlers, Mrs. P*. She is a real teacher who teaches kids about archaeology, but she knows not to dig up sites with them, since she is not an archaeologist. Ms. P took me to sooooo many schools in Glynn County, Georgia and I met lots of 4th graders and a lot of adults, too. I did that all the way through this spring.

Well, now you know about me, Diary. I will tell you about things I do from time to time, but for now I will rest because I hear that I will be traveling again soon!

* Handler’s Note: Abby thought it best not to use real names in many cases, especially when referring to her “handlers”—those people responsible for driving her and administering programs.