June 2, 2010


I spent the week at Fort Morris, and was all refreshed and ready for my very FIRST Junior Ranger Program! (La, la, la…I wanna be a Junior Ranger, Put my summer in minimal danger, sound off 1-2, sound off 3-4, bring it on down now, 1, 2, 3, 4…la, la…)

There were 21 Junior Rangers today, in two sessions. They were very smart for little people**. The Junior Rangers couldn’t wait to climb on board and check out my interactives.

Outside, Veronica* let them watch an onscreen slideshow presentation loop showing all kinds of archaeology sites in Georgia and a lot of things archaeologists do “behind the scenes”. Then, the Junior Rangers got to imagine themselves archaeologists 200 years from now, and analyzed “old” artifacts. They made good notes about their artifacts.

They even got to study animal bones to learn about people’s diet, environment, and the kinds of animals they raised or hunted.

This photo shows my new Junior Ranger friends standing next to me. The non-little people are Fort Morris Staff, volunteers, and friends (Arthur, Debbie, Amy Leigh, and Carol). My new Junior Ranger friends were very nice and I wouldn’t be surprised if someday after years of college scientific training and working with professional archaeologists, one of them comes back on board as a real archaeologist!

* Handler’s Note: Abby thought it best not to use real names in many cases, especially when referring to her “handlers”—those people responsible for driving her and administering programs, and to some people she meets in her travels.

** Handler’s Note: Abby means “young people; children”.