May 29, 2010


No one TOLD me that May is Archaeology Month in Georgia! No wonder I am exhausted! This is my third appearance this month and I have yet another one scheduled in a few days. Note to self—rest up next April!

Today I was one of the attractions at Fort Morris State Park, in Liberty County, Georgia. The map shows this Revolutionary War fort, right next to the colonial town of Sunbury. Diary, have you ever seen the earthworks from a fort that was used by American Patriots in Georgia? You can see them at Fort Morris. I like this place because it is off by itself. Even though I wasn’t facing it, the park has a lovely view of the marsh. (Veronica* parks me with absolutely no regard to my feelings, but what is best for what she calls “visitor flow”. Fine!)

So I was parked there, happy as a clam, waiting for visitors when all of a sudden…Boom! Boom! BOOM!!!

I thought I was gonna lose a tire! I’ve never had a backfire from my muffler that loud! Turns out they were shooting rounds of muskets and then topping it off by firing a big cannon! It was great for all the visitors listening to the presentation before the firing, but geeze, I wish they could have rung a little bell to warn me.

Oh well, I almost got used to it after four hours. Here are some photos of a few of my visitors. Ms. P*, Real Dan*, and Veronica* had the pleasure to work with me today.

[nggallery id=24]

* Handler’s Note: Abby thought it best not to use real names in many cases, especially when referring to her “handlers”—those people responsible for driving her and administering programs, and to some people she meets in her travels.