Video highlights efforts to preserve Leake site

Submitted by Scot Keith (scot keith <>)

Leake_Site_Short_video_E_ Johnson_2010.jpg

Kennesaw State University journalism student Elizabeth Johnson put together a video documentary for her senior capstone project about the efforts to preserve and protect the Leake site in Cartersville, Georgia. In recent years, significant portions of this important and extensive prehistoric mound site have been lost to development, and the remaining privately-owned portions are currently in jeopardy of being developed as well.

Join the effort to save what remains of this significant archaeological site!

Here is a link to the video on YouTube; it’s nearly nine minutes long.

The Leake site has its own website here.

We have several articles about preservation efforts at the Leake site. Read about the site and why it’s important here. The site is on the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2010 list of Georgia’s top ten Places in Peril. To read everything on this website tagged as being about the Leake site, click here.