News of the H.L. Hunley

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Image from US Navy website here, and credited to R.G. Skerrett, and dated 1902.

It’s been ten years since the submarine H.L. Hunley was lifted from the water just outside of Charleston Harbor.

The submarine disappeared on February 17th, 1864, after setting a charge that sank the USS Housatonic. The sub was crewed by eight men.

Read more about the H.L. Hunley and recent investigations in this article, dated 8 August 2010 and by Brian Hicks, in, the internet version of The Herald of Rock Hill, South Carolina.

The SGA’s website has an article on advances in metal artifact curation methods by H.L. Hunley conservators here.

For more information, visit the Department of the Navy webpage on the submarine here.

The Friends of the Hunley organization has a website with some information, but much of it seems to date to 2002.