ArchaeoBus, Georgia National Fair, and seeds


Visit the Georgia National Fair—October 7–17, in Perry!

Step into the ArchaeoBus while you’re there! Find the ArchaeoBus not far from the South Gate, near the Petting Zoo!

Enjoy fun activities with kids hosted by Society for Georgia Archaeology volunteers at the ArchaeoBus!

We have a special activity for kids honoring the agricultural focus of the Fair. Peoples living in Georgia before the Europeans arrived grew many plants, including plenty of corn—or maize, along with beans and squash. This trio is sometimes called the Three Sisters.

Download a six-page handout about Native American agriculture in Georgia, which also discusses the Three Sisters, by clicking here. If you want to do your own seed activity, get some bean, corn, and squash seeds for participants to take home and grow in their own gardens. Click here to download a printable sheet of tags to accompany their seeds.

To visit the ArchaeoBus, go to the place labeled #3 on the 2010 Fair map! Download a copy of the map with arrows to the ArchaeoBus location by clicking here!

Where to find it