Cave Spring hotel found to have log walls


Recently, Paulette Harbin wrote to the SGA website telling us about an exciting project the Cave Spring Historical Society has undertaken. Cave Spring is in northwest Georgia, northwest of Cedartown. Ms. Harbin writes:

A two-story log cabin, possibly Cherokee in origin, has rested behind the wooden boards of an old hotel built in the 1840s. Legend has long held that such a structure existed and it is now believed that the legend has come alive. Testing, scientific and ephemeral, is underway to determine the age of the cabin as well as the person or group that built it.

The cabin/hotel building is at Cedartown Street and Broad Street, and they were main roads of commerce in the late 1700s–early 1800s just as they are today. Ms. Harbin continues:

The Cave Spring Historical Society is currently raising money to purchase the hotel/cabin with the intention of restoring, at least the cabin, and the hotel, if possible.

Click here to download a timeline of the building, as currently understood. Read more about the history of Cave Spring by clicking here.

The online version of the Rome News-Tribune has an interesting story dated July 2010 about work on the building by Lydia Senn. The story includes ten photographs by Ken Caruthers, two of which are shown here.

It is not unusual for old buildings to hide secrets within their walls, attics, and foundations. Often, these are good places to look for clues to the original paint colors, and perhaps earlier wall and staircase locations. What surprises have you discovered when doing maintenance chores or during remodeling?

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