Road trip: Scull Shoals

Submitted by Sammy Smith (


With a name like Scull Shoals*, ya gotta check out this place!

And it’s fascinating! There’s a big river—the Oconee. There’re ruins—from an historic industrial complex!

Indeed, the Scull Shoals Mill Village had Georgia’s first paper mill, a water-powered sawmill, grist mills, and a big textile mill. This complex included homes, warehouses, docks, and more.

There’s room to picnic, and a trail you can explore through the woods!

This place is supported by your tax dollars—it’s in the Oconee National Forest. But this fragile archaeological resource also has private caretakers, the Friends of Scull Shoals. Visit their website and join their efforts—even before you visit Scull Shoals. Friends of Scull Shoals volunteers also work on archaeological research to help us all better understand this remarkable multi-component archaeological site.

* And yes, it is spelled “Scull.”

Where to find it