Outgoing SGA President’s message: Fall 2010

Submitted by Dennis Blanton (dennis@thesga.org)

Dear Friends and Supporters of SGA,

It is clear that SGA will be secure and will continue to thrive under the leadership of our new President, Catherine Long, and with the dedication of a very capable group of officers, board members, and volunteers to support her. More than anything I encourage everyone to be generous with their time and energy—in the best SGA tradition—as Catherine and her team move the organization forward.

I remain impressed by the strength of SGA. Even in this difficult economic climate our membership has actually grown and attendance at annual meetings has been exceptionally good. Our regional chapters are flourishing and offer regular menus of activities that amount to a veritable archaeological banquet. Enormous volunteer energy is poured into any number of special projects and initiatives, ranging from the ArchaeoBus to the web site to substantive publications to special themed meetings. There is much for the organization to be proud of.

Certainly any successes SGA can claim over the last two years are due to the generous commitments of a host of supporters, and I thank each and every one for striving to keep the organization on track. I look forward to doing my part to advance the SGA cause henceforth.


Dennis B. Blanton, Outgoing SGA President