Now available: Extraordinary Fluted Points of the Tennessee Valley Region

Submitted by Ellis Whitt (

Cover of Whitt volume.

I am happy to announce the arrival and availability of a book I have been compiling for the past year and a half. Its title is Extraordinary Fluted Points of the Tennessee Valley Region.

The volume is nearly 200 pages and contains full-page photographs of 170 extraordinary fluted Paleo artifacts with key bits of information about each of them. Many of these extraordinary artifacts have never before been displayed nor photographed. Since authenticity of artifacts is of great importance, a panel of judges has carefully scrutinized each artifact photograph to insure the artifact’s authenticity.

Example of an artifact photograph; note scale.

The Introduction presents a theory and logic to arrive at an estimate of population during the fluted Paleo period. The Appendix contains interesting, short stories pertaining to several of the artifacts displayed.

I hope you find this book to be of interest and desirable for your library or coffee table. You can see details about the book, as well as how to purchase it, at the website. If you prefer, you can just mail a check for $75 ($70, plus $5 for shipping within the USA) to Ellis Whitt, 5010 Nail Rd, Huntsville, AL 35810 (please include your mailing address). If you want two copies, the cost is $70 each and no shipping charge. If you want five or more books, the cost is $65 each and no shipping charge. For delivery to Canada, the cost for one copy is $85; for delivery to other countries, the cost for one book is $100.


Ellis Whitt
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