Complete online survey NOW

Georgia’s Historic Preservation Division (HPD) has composed a survey to solicit your input about the goals of their program.

Fill it out now! It’s online! It’s easy!

It’s important and it’ll take maybe five minutes of your time.

Your input is crucial. The survey will be available on-line only until February 28th.

The HPD’s present plan is Georgia’s State Historic Preservation Plan 2007-2011: Building a Preservation Ethic, and came out in 2007. It can be accessed from their website here. That same webpage also has links to annual reports going back to 1999, so you can track the Division’s progress.

An early step in composing the next preservation plan is soliciting opinions from you! When you have a few minutes, click on the link here and fill out the questionnaire.

And get someone else to do it, too!

From their website:

The Historic Preservation Division’s mission is to promote the preservation and use of historic places for a better Georgia.

Remember: “historic places” include archaeological resources….