Colonoware Examined: Another Heritage Remembered

Submitted by Karen Denham Downen, BFA, MHP (Graduate Certificate in Native American Studies Potter, Educator and Preservationist)

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Topics in this volume include:

Chapter 1:  Clay Technologies and Regional Cultural Interactions

Chapter 2:  Beginnings of African American Archaeology and Identification of Slave Made Pottery

Chapter 3:  Colonoware Repositories and Examination of Colonoware Shards

Chapter 4:  Replication Tests

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 This forty-ninth volume was contributed by Karen Denham Downen on her examination of Colonoware, a pottery type of great interest to historical archaeologists and others interested in that ware. It was conducted as an Independent Study for the Masters Degree in Heritage Preservation at Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia, Richard Laub, Director.

 Stanley South, Publisher

Volumes in Historical Archaeology: No. 49

Colonoware Examined: Another Heritage Remembered

An Overview of Past and Current Research on South Carolina and Georgia Colonoware: Including Initial Assessment of Representative, Excavated Pottery and Shards and Comparison with known Ceramic Technology

By: Karen Denham Downen

A series funded through the Conference on Historic Site Archaeology, published by STANLEY SOUTH, Research Division, The South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, The University of South Carolina, Columbia, 2010.

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