GIAS’s April meeting: Speaker will be Mack Carlton

GIAS Golden Isles CU

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The next GIAS meeting will be at 7 PM on April 12th at the St. Simons Elementary School cafeteria, 805 Ocean Boulevard. Mack Carlton, GIAS member, will be the speaker. He will bring the story of the Pikes Bluff Battle, mentioned in this inscription from the historic marker:

In circa 1740, James Oglethorpe established a watch house west of here on the bank of the Frederica River. In 1745, Edward Kimber described this site as a place “from whence they can see Vessels a great Way to the Northward” and it served as a lookout for Fort Frederica. A corporal’s guard was stationed at the watch house under the charge of Richard Pike, an indentured servant who had been maimed in public service. Pike and his wife, the daughter of a freeholder at Fort Frederica, lived on this site, which became known as Pike’s Bluff.

During the Revolutionary War on 19 April 1778, Samuel Elbert accompanied by American forces captured three British vessels near Fort Frederica. Throughout the Revolutionary period, Pike’s Bluff was owned by Lachlan McIntosh. McIntosh was the son of John McIntosh Mohr who, in 1736, established the town of Darien, located in present day McIntosh County.

GIAS meetings are normally the first Tuesday of the month; this meeting date had to be changed due to a school holiday.

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