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Frontiers in the Soil cover at angle

Frontiers in the Soil is a classic in archaeological literature that should be useful to everyone. Using easy-to-read text by Roy S. Dickens, Jr., and creative color cartoon illustrations by James L. McKinley, Frontiers interprets Georgia’s past with humor in over 100 pages, first printed in 1979.

Dickens describes archaeological methods and ethics through the lens of young archaeologists working on a excavation project that uncovers a Mississippian-period village. The story moves to the laboratory where fragments of broken ceramic pots and other artifacts begin to tell the story of the people who once lived in the village.

McKinley’s illustrations are accurate and captivating, and worthy of close study.

The Society for Georgia Archaeology offers copies of the second and final edition of Frontiers in the Soil, available for the modest price of $16.95 each for up to ten copies. There’s a discount for ten copies or more.

We recommend that avocational and professional archaeologists, students, scouts, educators, and anyone interested in Georgia’s archaeological heritage order a copy now, and begin learning about the past from two Georgians who were on the forefront of public archaeology.

Pricing: individual copies—$16.95 apiece for up to 10 copies; $10.20 each for 10 or more copies. Add postage and handling costs of $3 for one copy, $4 for two copies, and add 50¢ per copy for each additional copy up to ten copies, and $8.00 for 10 copies.

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