Artifacts in Athens: an historic cannon

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Speaking of artifacts and Athens, plan to attend the SGA’s fund-raising auction on 22 October 2011 at the Terrapin Brewery (265 Newton Bridge Road, Athens). Pre-auction activities begin at 6:30pm, and include brewery tours, beer tasting, tours of the ArchaeoBus, music by live band, silent auction bidding, and socializing. The live auction begins at 8pm, when the silent auction closes. Both auctions feature ethnic objects from around the world (no archaeological artifacts, of course) and outdoor adventure items. For more on the auction and SGA’s fall meeting, click here.

Double barreled cannon 2011

Many visitors note that the cannon is positioned pointing northward.

Visit the corner of Hancock and College Avenues on the highest hilltop in downtown Athens and on the grounds of the old city hall, and check out the famous Athens double-barreled cannon.

The idea was that both barrels would be fired simultaneously. With the cannonballs connected with a chain, the idea was that the chain would mow down whatever was in its path, creating more destruction than the cannonballs alone.

Unfortunately for its promoters, the cannon was a failure. Ponder how the exigencies of warfare have advanced technologies.

Read more about the story of the double-barreled cannon in its Wikipedia entry here.

Where to find it