Test yourself about the Columbian Exchange

Submitted by Sammy Smith (sammy@thesga.org)

New and Old World Google Maps

The Earth, of course, is a sphere. This projection, by Google Maps, “flattens” the sphere, and distorts the curved shape to display it on the flat surface of your screen. This projection allows us to see both the Old and New World land masses in a single image, however.

The Columbian Exchange is the name we give to human contact between the Old World and the New World that began with Christopher Columbus’s First Expedition, in 1492.

As a result of this contact many species were moved either deliberately or accidentally from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other.

Test your knowledge of which side of the Atlantic the following species originated—that is, where they were native to in 1491. All species given here are now grown on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

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