Beautiful ceramic pieces: Audacious Archaeology Auction items (#2)

During the day on Saturday, meet with SGA members at the semi-annual meeting, at the Zell B. Miller Learning Center (48 Baxter Street at S. Lumpkin Street, Athens, 30605) on the campus of the University of Georgia in Athens. The meeting schedule is online here. All meeting information is online here. This is just a sample of the items available. Check out other auction items here: list #1 (decorative), list #3 (silver and bronze), list #4 (special bags), list #5 (eco-tour), list #6 (leg lamp and household), list #7 (vintage and historic).
Hopi tourist ashtray auction
Hopi tourist ashtray sticker auction

Hopi ashtray. This ashtray was made on the Hopi reservation for the pre-1960s tourist trade. Authentic glazing patterns reflect southwestern Indian cultural traditions.

Auction date

Saturday evening, October 22, 2011


Terrapin Brewery, 265 Newton Bridge Road, Athens (map below)

Microcrystalline vase auction

Blue microcrystalline vase. This photograph doesn’t do justice to the beautiful crystal blooms in the glaze of this pot. The finish is the result of controlled lowering of the kiln temperature which causes the zinc oxide in the glaze to produce crystal-like flowers unique to each vessel. Made at the Uwharrie Crystalline Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina.


Pre-Auction Activities begin at 6:30. This includes brewery tours, beer tasting, tours of the Society’s ArchaeoBus, live music, silent auction bidding, and socializing.

Live auction begins at 8 pm (when silent auction closes).


Colonel Wilbur C. Mull, Georgia Hall of Fame Auctioneer


Entry is free. Guests who wish to partake of the beer tasting can purchase a glass for $10 which entitles them to tickets for 32 ounces of beer.

Horsehair glaze vase auction

Horsehair-glazed pot. The amazing marble appearance of this pot was achieved by applying individual strands of horsehair while the pot was fired at approximately 1600 degrees. Made by potters David and Deborah Garner at the Turn & Burn Pottery, Seagrove, North Carolina.

Cool auction stuff!

We offer two kinds of items for both the live and the silent auctions:

1) Ethnic Objects from Around the World (no archaeological artifacts, of course), and

2) Outdoor Adventure items.

The Society for Georgia Archaeology is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit. All auction proceeds fund its educational outreach for preservation.

Access a PDF with Auction information by clicking here. Access a colorful poster advertising the Audacious Archaeology Auction by clicking here.

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