Coosawattee Foundation issues challenge grant for SGA’s Endowment Fund

What, you missed the Audacious Archaeology Auction?

Guess what—it is not too late to contribute to the Endowment Fund of the SGA!

A challenge grant opportunity has been issued by the Coosawattee Foundation—the Foundation will match up to $250.00 any donation received by December 31, 2011, in support of the Endowment Fund. Contributions made to the SGA help support education initiatives throughout Georgia and protect archaeological sites.

If you missed the auction and you would like to consider an end of the year donation to please send your check to:

    The Society for Georgia Archaeology

    PO Box 693

    Athens, GA 30603

The Society for Georgia Archaeology is a non-profit organization. Your financial support is sincerely and greatly appreciated!

The SGA held the Audacious Archaeology Auction on Saturday, October 22, as part of the Fall 2011 Meeting to raise money for its Endowment Fund.