November 28, 2011


One of the events in my whirlwind fall tour was a charity auction sponsored by The Society for Georgia Archaeology. I was the featured “public outreach” vehicle (ahhem … no pun intended).

The auction was in Athens, Georgia on October 22 at the Terrapin Brewery. I was busy sitting next to the entrance welcoming everyone, but I got to hear the excitement inside where the big silent auction was set up and the live auction commenced.

What a lively commotion it was! The best part was that the money from the auction was going to fund public archaeology outreach, through SGA’s Endowment Fund.

ArchaeoBus auction 2011 crowd mingling

Part of the crowd inside the brewery.

I counted several hundred people go through the doors! Young people, students, older people, even dogs! Lots of dogs! Mind you, I like dogs, that is, dogs that don’t “like” my tires, if you know what I mean….

ArchaeoBus auction 2011 silent auction inspection

Over 130 silent auction items generated interest.

ArchaeoBus auction 2011 crowd settling

Eager bidders begin to sit in anticipation of the live auction.

I heard a lot of people saying how much fun the event was on their way out.