November 29, 2011


I made an encore performance in mid-October at the Georgia Council for the Social Studies Conference in Athens, Georgia. You probably remember that I went to the conference last year for the first time. At the risk of sounding conceited, I have to admit that they must have liked me, since they asked me back again! And this time, I got a coveted spot in “the horseshoe” parking lot, right next to the front door! My handlers*, T.G., and Veronica set me up, putting my table-top activities right inside the doors in the lobby.

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 parked

Here’s my VIP spot right in front of the Classic Center entrance!

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 tableinside busoutside

Here I am keeping an eye on my handlers manning the table top activities inside. Note my lovely banner “shades” keeping the sun at bay.

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 tableinside busy

My handlers, Bitsy and Veronica stand ready to answer questions from the onslaught of teachers at the conference.

It was very chilly during my stint, but I didn’t mind so much because I got to see some old friends and make new ones. I always love the teachers because they appreciate me and read all my exhibit text and instructions and they aren’t afraid to try out all my hands-on activities. In fact, they seem to relish the chance to try them. And Diary, do you know that they are really smart?! Those teachers know a lot more than most people about archaeology! The best part was hearing a lot of them say things like, “I saw you last year but had to come back and see you again”, or telling their friends, “Hey come check out the ArchaeoBus; it was here last year and it’s really something!”

And of course, it was especially cool making new friends this year when teachers visited me for the first time. My most favorite visitors were the student teachers who were so young and eager and enthusiastic about teaching and learning. It reminded me of myself when I was a young bookmobile…but that is ancient history!

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 inside Bus

T.G. and I listen to an enthusiastic educator.

ArchaeoBus GCSS 2011 tableinside ready

Here’s a close-up of my view from the parking lot.

* Handler’s Note: Abby thought it best not to use real names in many cases, especially when referring to her “handlers”—those people responsible for driving her and administering programs.