April 30, 2012


Y-a-w-n….Ahhh….Y-a-w-n….Ooh, sorry Diary! I’m just waking up. I’ve been resting in south Georgia for the past few months after a busy fall 2011. In fact, I was just dreaming about my last big gig I did…last fall at the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia. It was so fun remembering it in my dream, that I wasn’t ready to wake up! My dream was exactly like what happened in real life…there I was, parked RIGHT INSIDE THE NORTH GATE! (Talk about your high-status real estate! Apparently, they really appreciate me at the fair!)

Over half a million visitors came to the fair, the majority of them right through that gate! There were tons of kids, and families, and grown-ups that came to see me. The purple-haired lady and her friend from Middle Earth came to see me between shows. A famous Georgia legislator and his wife and family couldn’t resist visiting me, either!

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Even the GBI (that’s the Georgia Bureau of Investigation) came to see me! I think they liked the part about how burials have clues that can tell archaeologists all about a person’s health, wealth, status, religion, physical characteristics, and sometimes even when and how they died. There were times when I was actually surrounded by a crowd of fans!

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I worked 12 days straight! That’s all day and most of the night, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Whew! So you can see why I needed to rest for several months afterward.

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Even a few days of rain didn’t dampen my spirits! But Diary, I have to admit the smell wafting from the Swine and Goat Shed didn’t always mingle well with the funnel cake and corn dog aromas! At least the goats smelled as clean as they looked!

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I got to see some of my old handler friends at the fair, which was a lot of fun! And Diary, I also made a bundle of new friends at the fair! Some of these were visitors and some were new “handlers”. These handlers not only helped guide visitors through my exhibits, but also were fun and friendly! Wow, what a dream! But now I’m rested and ready to go again!

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Note: Abby neglected her diary a bit since last fall, but clearly the fun and crowds at the Georgia National Fair have haunted her!