May 1, 2012


I had another exciting adventure today. The City of Auburn, Georgia, invited me to come over for Archaeology Day. My handler, Veronica, drove me all the way over there. It was a scenic drive through Georgia’s beautiful back roads and I didn’t even get sick!

Once we got to Auburn, two nice ladies, Michelle Walker and Julia Simpson, helped us. I think Michelle is a real big-wig with the city. Julia runs the library and reminds me of the kind librarians I use to work with when I was a bookmobile! They let me park anywhere my handlers wanted to in this nice grassy park next to city hall. (I was very attractive and eye-catching there, next to the main road; I hope I didn’t deflect too much attention away from their city hall building.)

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Diary, I sure didn’t have a chance to relax long because before the day ended 200 people came to see me! Most of them were school children, but there were also important city of Auburn visitors including the mayor and a city council woman, clerk, administrator, planner, and Parks and Leisure Director! And a state representative visited me, too! Over 100 students from Westside Middle School took a fieldtrip to learn about archaeology. They also got to see some really cool Native American skills that an archaeologist named Scott Jones demonstrated. He showed them how to make fire without using any matches and how to throw a spear a very long way with a special tool called an atlatl.

2012 AD May 1st 03

Some of my new friends from Westside Middle School.

In the afternoon over 80 homeschool students and their parents from the Auburn area came to visit. Good thing I have brand-new-steps! My Step-Guardian, Tony Shore, built me a new and improved version that is even sturdier than the last!

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There were so many visitors I needed three handlers and three volunteers to help! My old friends handler TG and Kam helped all day, just like the old days! It was fun. I think the visitors had fun, too.

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