Meetings: Crossroads to knowledge

Submitted by Catherine Long (

The Georgia Trust and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Historic Preservation Division co-sponsored the statewide preservation conference on April 19th and 20th. It was held in Roswell and featured the theme Professionalism and Practice.

What a great conference was put together by these organizations! Besides the historic and lovely location the meeting consisted of three tracks that appealed to a diverse audience: government officials, planers and consultants, students and young professionals, and non-profit preservation groups and historical societies. With different sessions scheduled throughout the days it was difficult to get to hear all of the interesting and engaging presentations.

One of the most encouraging aspects was the participation of local students who had the opportunity to receive firsthand advice and knowledge from those currently in the field. Conferences also provide the ideal time to catch up with colleagues in a more personal fashion and discover new collaborative opportunities.

In these challenging times it was an encouragement to see others who care passionately about the work that is done across all disciplines to save Georgia’s past and to be encouraged through this contact.

Updates were provided on the status of the historic preservation office and appreciation was expressed to those who rallied to save important budget items. Additional updates included those related to the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the forthcoming Georgia’s Historic Preservation Handbook, a digital publication due out in May.

You’ve missed the statewide preservation conference, but it’s not too late—May also has interesting events scheduled, so you can attend other meetings, meet new people, and learn new and exciting information….
May is Archaeology Month in Georgia. The SGA is a primary organizer for state-wide activities celebrating Archaeology Month. Read about 2012 Archaeology Month here. Read about the SGA’s 2012 Spring Meeting, scheduled for Saturday, May 19th, at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, here.
Remember May is also Preservation Month—don’t forget to check out the lectures and associated activities listed online here.