Frontiers, chapter 4


The SGA is selling a terrific softcover book about archaeology in Georgia called Frontiers in the Soil.

Get a copy (click here for ordering information), and flip to page 98, chapter IV, “You and archaeology.”

Now, check out Project 3, on page 99.

It begins:

Prehistoric Georgians used many wild plants for food, medicine, dyes, weaving, and construction. Make a list of useful wild plants in your area.

Go for it!

Read all stories on this website about the book by clicking here. Here’s a link to the order form. Pricing: Single copies of the book are $16.95 apiece for up to 10 copies. For 10 or more copies, we charge $10.20 each. Add postage and handling costs of $3 for one copy, $4 for two copies, and add 50¢ per copy for each additional copy up to ten copies, and $8.00 for 10 copies. And, click here to access to a lesson plan based on the book.