August 6, 2012

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 01 part

Welcome to Fort Daniel.


While touring this spring, I added yet another fort visit to my list! This time I got to check out Fort Daniel, where the “Fort Daniel Colonial Faire” was in full swing. Fort Daniel dates to at least 1813 or 1814. It was built during the War of 1812, to help protect Georgia’s interior from British attack.

I was working the fair, of course, but had a good view of the activities. I parked at the entrance to the site (as a colorful beacon to welcome guests, no doubt!) My friend Tammy Herron sent these photos to me to share with you, Diary. The fair coincided with Georgia Archaeology Month as well as the Spring Meeting of The Society for Georgia Archaeology (SGA). (I have to plug the SGA whenever possible; after all, the Society is my family!)

Can you believe that there is actually a fort in urban Gwinnett County, Georgia? When we drove there, I thought Veronica was lost (that’s her natural state, but I digress…). Anyway, Veronica drove me past fast food restaurants, gas stations, subdivisions of houses, until we pulled into a driveway. Believe it or not, the fort was right behind a house! Of course, you can’t see the fort above the ground, but lots of it still exists below the ground, which is where archaeologists come in. One archaeologist, Jim D’Angelo has been working with other archaeologists and the public to excavate parts of the fort. The Faire was a chance to show SGA members, area teachers and students, and visitors some of their discoveries.

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 02

Students work with archaeologists to excavate a small unit at the site.

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 03 horiz

Jim D’Angelo (wearing the hat) talks about one of the excavation units at Fort Daniel.

Visitors had an opportunity to go to different booths to see artifacts uncovered at the site, learn about colonial life, see archaeological excavations, get a site tour, trowel and sift soil with archaeologists, and try hands-on activities at my tables and inside the bus.

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 04

Visitors could even buy a souvenir at the trading post.

Seeing Fort Daniel right in the middle of one of Atlanta’s metropolitan counties was quite a nice surprise and seeing people try to preserve it was the best part of all. Now I have visited Fort Daniel, along with Fort Hawkins and Fort Frederica. I feel fortified!

ArchaeoBus Ft Daniel 2012 05

My handlers, Bitsy and TG enjoyed helping people try my activities under the nice shady trees.