August Board Meeting: In detail

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The Society for Georgia Archaeology held a Summer Board Meeting at South Georgia College, in Douglas, on Friday, August 17th. Board Members and Officers enjoyed the lovely campus of the college and are grateful to Frankie Snow, Dwight Kirkland, and Vicki Giddens in making these arrangements. A four-hour block of time was set aside to conduct Society business and discuss upcoming initiatives and programs.

Early discussion began with considerations for the 2013 Archaeology Month Theme and the decision was to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the focus on the preservation of archaeological sites. A suggestion was made that the Spring Meeting be held in Macon.

The ArchaeoBus will attend CoastFest again this year and Kevin Kiernan is seeking volunteers to assist in this effort. It is a great opportunity to visit with locals on the coast and continue SGA’s mission of public outreach and education. Last year, over 9000 attendees learned about the importance of preserving archaeological sites and some of the interesting information that archaeologists can gather during their research!

The Nominating Committee provided the attendees with a brief update on the status of the new slate of Board Members and received additional suggestions for future ones as well. These new members will be voted on and become active at the Fall Meeting.

The website continues to be an exciting part of the organization and is critical to its current and continued professionalism and communication to SGA members and the general public. Discussion ensued on the importance of having more depth in the volunteers who assist in the posting of new stories. Three volunteers are currently in the training process under the guidance of Sammy Smith. There continues to be a need for new postings, especially on local archaeological research. To assist with the organization of the information that is needed, a suggestion was made to post the deadline dates for the publications of the organization, the e-newsletter The Profile and our Early Georgia journal. Our SGA calendar will be updated with these deadlines and may be useful to those individuals who would like to submit an article for either publication.

The SGA is pleased to announce that it will be moving forward with using the website to publish color images to complement stories published in Early Georgia articles. The SGA invites you to consider this option as you make plans to publish your current archaeological research. To learn more, please email the Early Georgia Editor, Jared Wood, by by clicking here. (In addition, information for authors is online here.)

Thank you to those Board Members and Officers who were able to attend the meeting. We look forward to continuing the action plan set forth and hope to see everyone at the Fall Meeting on Saturday, October 27 in Columbus!

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